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One reason, a school would be a great addition is because it would be a local area for M.S. citizens. An example, would be that kids from M.S. wouldn’t have drive far away to another school district. Also, kids would be able to get more exercise by walking instead of driving. The last example, would be high schoolers won’t have to waste gas to get themselves to school. Our school district could use more students, so please consider a school.

My next reason, would be that once M.S. students come into sixth grade they won’t have to choose between schools for the next year. One example of this, would be that kids won’t have to leave friends if the friends choose differently. Another example, would be that it puts less stress on the student to choose before the school year ends. My last example, is that it puts less stress on the parents too because they don’t have to worry about taking their kids to school. As you can see, a school would be a good idea.
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An example, of this is that when students get more sleep, they are more brain active and have a good attitude throughout the day. The second example, is that the parents won’t have to deal with mouthy children in the morning. Also, if there would be a highschool in town, parents would get more sleep because they don’t have to wake up their children. Therefore, a new junior and senior high school would benefit for both students and
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