Adenoma Research Paper

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What is Adenoma? Adenoma is a non-cancerous tumors which forms on glands in the body. They can grow on parts of the glands in the body such as the breasts, heart, lungs and colon. These tumors do turn cancerous in some cases in which case they are called Adenocarcinomas. The growth of these tumors are usually caused by organs that secrete important hormones and fluids in the body. The moment the epithelial cells that usually secret fluids such as sweat, breast milk and saliva starts to grow gradually they form a tiny lump that is called adenoma. Although adenoma is non-cancerous but it can cause excessive secretion of hormones and press against other organs thereby causing serious health problems What Causes Adenoma? Surprisingly, there is no specific cause of adenomas. Some experts …show more content…

The most evident symptom of adenoma is the existence of lumps or swelling. This swelling can be big or small depending on it location. Adenomas in the lungs might not easily be detected simply because their symptoms are similar to that of common cold such as fevers, fatigue, coughs, and body aches. Changes in the body as a result of hormonal imbalances causes other symptoms of adenomas. Locations of Adenomas? Colon: They have the tendency to turn fatal. A colonoscopy test is required to detect their presence. Renal: Renal adenomas are very small in size and are often formed from renal tubules. Adrenal: They are usually located in the abdominal region. Most adrenal adenomas are benign and very rarely run the risk of turning cancerous. Thyroid: Adenomas in the thyroid are most common. More so some of them turn fatal. A biopsy is required to detect these type of adenoma. Pituitary: These can go unnoticed in most cases. They occur mainly in neurological patients.It is cause by the increased level of The progesterone in female body. Parathyroid: These developes in the parathyroid gland, they can lead to a condition of primary

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