Adhd As An Evolutionary Trait

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ADHD as an Evolutionary Trait

I will be examining the characteristics of ADHD as a disorder in modern time and its association with how ADHD correlates with behavior of earlier humans, particularly in nomadic settings. ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurodevelopment Psychiatric disorder, in which impairs one’s attention, making one exhibit hyperactive behavior as well as exhibiting impatient behaviors. ADHD has been a long part of human history, with writer Sir Alexander Criton describing it as mental restlessness. However, it was only until 1902 when ADHD was clearly described by a writer known as George Still. ADHD was officially declared a mental disorder in 1980 when it was introduced into the DSM-III.
However, there has been some evidence to conclude that perhaps ADHD symptoms were beneficial to earlier human life. According to a study conducted in Kenya by Northwestern university in 2008, concluded that tribesmen who lived in nomadic settings who displayed ADHD traits, were better nourished than those who were without this traits, however, those living in civilized settings who displayed ADHD traits were less nourished than those who did not display ADHD traits. The Study concluded that the tribesman that possessed ADHD like symptoms, might be beneficial for nomadic settings as these tribesmen were impatient, more athletic, and constantly shifted from one prey target to the next. Also these tribesmen possessed greater Drug and food cravings,

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