Administrative Health And Organizational Culture

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Research findings
The results of the first hypothesis test The claim hypothesis of the researcher states that there is a meaningful relationship between the two variables of administrative health and organizational culture, and in contrast to the zero hypothesis, there is no significant relationship between these two variables. Based on the results of the test, a significant relationship was found between organizational culture and administrative health, and therefore the claim hypothesis was accepted by the researcher. Considering the results of administrative health test, it influences on organizational culture of Samen financial and credit institute of Fars. Administrative health was measured according to four categories of political, economic, social and administrative factors, and organizational culture was measured on the basis of sustainability, mission, adaptability and participation in work. Administrative health affects many of the organizational components, because it can shape the structures and principles of organizational relationships or make fundamental changes to them. Organizational culture is one of these components that can shape the behavior of individuals within the organization and, …show more content…

Based on this, it is suggested that the Samen financial and credit institute of Fars, by conducting management and administrative training courses for provincial unit managers, while optimizing the principles of communication between managers and employees, will place organizational culture under conditions where administrative health transformation has the best performance and the organization's employees are welcoming their managers. In this regard, workshops are highly effective with the presence of university professors and specialists in the field of organizational behavior and human

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