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From the distance I could hear the faint sounds of dogs barking and someone loudly cussing them out. That was my sign; my sisters and I had exactly thirty minutes each day to be free, to sit on the couch and relax or talk on the phone with friends, which weren't many since we weren't allowed to go anywhere, but those were the thirty minutes we valued the most. And once the dogs barked the freedom would end. For years I heard the same bedtime story every night, the one where my parents would argue for hours until one of them got hurt. I couldn't stand to hear it any longer, and I guess my mother couldn't either, because one day she gave up on …show more content…

They, like every other neighbor we had, seemed to not have much admiration for my father either. As soon as he came around the corner, the dogs screamed every possible ‘word' out at him. I believe that's what angered him even more, so by the time he arrived home, we had to have all of our daily chores done, everything in place, and dinner ready and set on the table. Otherwise, we would suffer in his hands. He didn't know how to educate us, so we often got spankings for nothing, not anything I would consider having to spank over anyways. I was the oldest of the three, so I'd always felt that it was my responsibility to make sure they had every support they needed and were taken care of. So every afternoon after they came from school, I stopped doing whatever I had been doing to help them with schoolwork, or at night I'd make sure they were washed up and in bed. In other words, I would play the parents role. Growing up without parents around was hard for me, so I did everything to make them feel better than I had when I was their age. As I was saying before, when everything didn't go the way he wanted, he

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