Admit and Be Shameless

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In the book, Wild by Cheryl Strayed, a women is lost is her mental aspect. She has been threw so much that has been frowned upon. The death of her mother started the roller coaster for her. Cheryl suffered greatly from her the incident as it caused her much grief. Cheryl is a strong woman as she admits have wrongs yet unashamed of what she has been through to get to that point.
No matter the how bad the circumstance, some people still believe that it is a character flaw for Cheryl to not feel ashamed of her actions. Some readers may think that no amount of grieving should cause a couple to have to deal with infidelity issues.I can see where readers can think this because infidelity is frowned upon in the bible. Also no one should be cheated on, breaking wedding vows and hearts along the way.Those readers are not aware of the different ways of grieving. There are no limits to grieving as one person could simply cry, while another may feel the need to kill.
Cheryl admitted that she ruined her married. She accepted the fact that her cheating would cause her marriage to fall apart thats why she went ahead a agreed to the divorce. Cheryl told her husband what she had been hiding for quite some time. “I decided to tell Mark the truth. The list was long. I practiced what I would say, trying to say it in the least painful way. It was impossible. It was time. … I told him that I had something to tell him and that it was not going to be easy”. She tried to find the best way to say

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