Adolescence Is A Defining Stage Of Growing Up

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Adolescence is such a defining stage of growing up it has a major impact in who you will become as person. It can also have an effect on things like what you fear, the way you love, in whom you trust, what you believe in, the way you look at the random passers by, everything from what you scavenge for in life to your routines, worries, and even your thought process, all of this things gets affected based on things you go through while growing up. But it isn’t always pretty. Sometimes it can be the most tormentous phase of your life. It can be the phase where you’re the most filled with melancholy, sorrow, loneliness and it may seem as if you’re hopless while you’re going through this so confusing stage of growing up.

It is as if you’re all alone in this world while you’re in your teens. You’re self centered and you can’t be judged by it. After all you’re the star, the main character of your own story.
It is normal to only care about you own story intead of another person’s. It’s a confusing process we all have to go through. And sometimes it may seem as if no one understands, and it’s true. No one will understand your story the way you do. I was too busy in my own world, I was alone and I felt hopless while I was going through adolescence. I feared the moment I would have to wake up, I was so scared, of everything. I feared my stephfather, a man who broke me down, completely shattered me, a man who used every oportunity he had to make my life as miserable as it

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