Adolf Hitler : An Artist Essay

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His early years were spent in search of a reliable mentor with the ability of approving and guiding him. Unfortunately, he did not succeed in finding such master. He became maladjusted, searching for people with perfection. Many times he would find some individuals who could be categorized as perfect, in his eyes, and they would automatically be worshiped by Hitler and set on a throne. However, as soon as a flaw was noticed, Hitler, with great disappointment would treat them in an unpleasing and insignificant manner. When Hitler was young, all he ever dreamed about was being an artist. He was denied entrance to the Academy of Art located in Vienna after applying twice, first in 1907 and then again in 1908. In addition to the denying of his entrance to the Academy of Art in 1908, Hitler’s mother died of breast cancer at the end of that year. Yet, Hitler did not give up his dream of once becoming an artist. Adolf spent four years selling postcards of his artwork to make a bit of money, after the death of his mother. Hitler gathered his virulent anti-Semitism because he was infuriated at a doctor who was in fact Jewish and allowed his mother’s death to happen. Known for its anti-Semitism, Vienna’s streets are more believable to be the reason why Hitler’s hatred for Jews increased. Hitler refused to join the Austrian Military Service. In regards, he moved to Munich, Germany in May 1913. I was not until the First World War ignited when he agreed to be involved in the Army of

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