Adolf Hitler

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Hitler leadership was not significant because he was defeated, cheated to have power and he was trying to take over the world, but did not succeed at it, and he was out of his mind, and he did kill himself so he could not get arrested or punished so he took the easy way out. Hitler was the chancellor and he had 400 nazis so he made a rule that they were the only group and it was approved because there were 400 Nazis. He had to be a person from Germany so he asks Austria that he can take over them so he can be a citizen of Germany. When The three points that you are going to read is Hitler military background, he didn't care who he kill, and why did Hitler want power.
Hitler military background
The military career of Adolf Hitler can be divided into two distinct portions of Adolf Hitler's life. The period during WW1 when Hitler served as a Gefreiter (lance corporal) in the Bavarian Army, and the era of WWII when Hitler served as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces) through his position as Führer of Nazi Germany. Hitler won Iron Cross, Second Class - 12 February 1915, Bavarian Cross of Military Merit, Third Class with Swords - 17 September 1917, Regimental Diploma (Regiment "List") - 5 May 1918, Wound Badge in Black - 18 May 1918, Iron Cross, First Class - 4 August 1918, Bavarian Medal of Military Service, Third Class - 25 August 1918, Cross of Honor with Swords - 13 July 1934 (retroactively awarded to all war veterans). When the war ended,

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