Adolf Hitler Rise

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Have you ever wondered why Adolf Hitler was one of the most powerful men you could possibly imagine? Well read this essay and you'll find out how Adolf Hitler rose to power. In Hitler's younger years about age 5-7 He had lived through a very rough and traumatic childhood. It started when Hitler was 6, two of his younger brothers died from the disease, their names were Edmund Hitler, and Gustav Hitler. After the two passed away, his father turned into a very abusive man and treated Alois and Adolf poorly. And as Hitler turned 14 he fought with his father about his dream to become an artist. But instead his father wanted him to work for the Habsburg civil service, but they never agreed. When his father passed away from old age …show more content…

He told people it was time to “Eliminate The Threat” and with that he took the jews away, he told the people that they were removing them from Germany for good. They then started branding them. They started giving them clothes with the star of David on it or a J for Jew they also had these books that had their identification. If you were caught as a Jew you were taken to a work camp or you were probably beaten mercilessly. Adolf Hitler lied to the people about “Work Camps” he told the people of Germany that they had shelter’s , Cafe’s, and play areas, but all they did was work until they couldn't move or they died. He told the people that they were healthy and safe nothing would happen to them. And when they went to take “Showers” they were Executed in a horrible fashion by these antisemitic people the jews were treated like animals they suffered this abuse because of a man who simply hated their “kind”. These work camps just covered up what they were really doing killing gassing and torturing these people just because of the Gender they liked, or the color of their skin ,and their race. Hitler hated anyone who didn’t have Blue Eyes or Blond Hair he wanted Jews killed, He wanted Gays killed, And he also wanted Blacks killed. He was obsessed with the thought of the superior and the ultimate human race as he called them Aryans. He didn’t kill you if you if you didn't have these traits.

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