Adolf Hitler Rise To Power

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Adolf Hitler is one of the most notable and powerful dictators of the 20th century. In the mid 1900’s after World War I, Germany faced many hardships and economic depression. The nation was in desperate need for a new, more advanced leader to pull them out of this depression, and Adolf Hitler was the one chosen to lead the beleaguered country. One of the most interesting circumstances about the beginning of World War II that stumbles many historians, is how exactly Hitler rose to power and popularity so quickly without other nations of the world recognizing his true power, and why didn’t these nations try to stop him before another World War broke out. This poses deep and important questions for historians. However, when analyzing these issues there are many different factors that contribute to his temporary success. Hitler rose to power so quickly due to Germany’s overall discontent with the outcome of World War I, his aggressive nationalistic ideologies, and his successful, extensive use of propaganda.
Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria. He is known to have grown up being hostile child. He moved to Vienna, Italy in 1907, and was greatly influenced by the mayor of Vienna’s anti semitic views. He is said to have started his hatred for Jews in this stage of his life, and based his idea of a “pure” race here . He began his military career during the first World War when he moved to Munich in 1914. Hitler found a place in the Germany army, where he finally felt like he
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