Adoption Is A Non Genetic

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Some relationships are like writing on a dry erase board with permanent marker and trying to erase it—it does not erase! Genetics and union may just seem like two words. However, they have something in common—both are relationships between people. A genetic relationship would include brothers, sisters, moms, and dads. Nothing can ever erase that relationship, because it is genetic. Union is a non-genetic, heartwarming, relationship, such as adoption. There are many reasons people feel the want or need to adopt. Infertility is one of the many reasons. People have reported that, when asked what they felt when they could not have children, they felt useless, disappointed and even heartsick. Adoption is an option to couples who cannot have children or would prefer to adopt. Couples and families that do adopt face many questions and emotions, as they are forming a new bond between someone they may or may not know. Adoption can stem from foster care, but research has “…found that a majority of adopted children were related to their adoptive parents by blood and marriage.” (Lamanna, Riedmann, Strahm, 2012). Foster care is placing a child in the temporary care of a family other than its own as the result of problems or challenges that are taking place within the birth family. Children in foster care are just like any other children, except, through no fault of their own, had to be removed from their families due to abusive or neglectful situations. There are
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