Adult Learners

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Learning as an Adult Learning is an essential part of everyone’s lives, regardless of age. Adults learn much differently than children and teenagers. There are many ways to learn but for the two people that I spoke with there were a few ways that were more prominent. When speaking with someone who just learned how to use a smartphone I found out that he was intimidated by the new technology and that was why he took so long to purchase a newer phone. (He was actually still using an old Motorola flip phone until about two months ago.) When I asked him what intimidated him so much he explained that he liked things simple and had already had a hard time when he got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. His thoughts were that a …show more content…

I have found myself having to get over my discomfort if I want to succeed. I am taking 4 classes and so I have 4 days a week to get used to it. This person had 1 class, 1 time per week, so by the time he would get back to his class he would be right back at the beginning again. I asked him how he managed to pass this class if he never understood the homework and he had a pretty simple solution: he used YouTube videos. Using these online demonstrations and step by step instructions helped him learn at his own pace. He could just replay the video if he got lost and there was no one there to see him struggle. Self-esteem and ego are a big part of the way adults learn, unfortunately that isn’t really something that can be corrected easily. For myself personally, I use many the principles I learned about through the reading and when I think back to high school I have realized that I take an entirely different approach now. I never used to have to study for tests and now I can’t seem to study enough. That is just one example of how I have changed in the past 12 years since I graduated and talking with other adults about how they learn has made me realize some of my own weaknesses. Everyone has to learn at every stage in their lives. As people we are always craving more information and newer and better things. As adults, we may have to take a few more steps to learn different

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