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In the past two weeks I have been helping and guiding my boyfriend Richard of three years with his resume and cover letter. I have a lot of practice and experience with them where as he started working at a young age and hasn't moved around often in jobs. We looked at his skills and traits and started linking them to what an employer wants. Employers want a certain education and skill but they also want a certain personality. Someone who can work well with others, is helpful and has good communication skills, someone who is dependable and hard working. I have spent the last two weeks comparing our professional traits so I will base this around his professional life. Richard currently works for a company where everyday he is apart of a team, they are given…show more content…
Number 2, critical or quarrelsome. I marked Richard very low for this, he agrees with others or will completely stay out of the conversation to avoid any quarrel. he is good natured, forgiving, gullible, and helpful. Before he started dating me, he would never assert himself during conversations, or have a strong opinion in fear of turning someone off. He would also pay for everything, even his friends lunch, which they expected paid every time. I marked him very low, but I believe this has been an area where he is improving as far as self respect and assertiveness. Again Richard’s insecurities or doubting himself really came out during the Self Data Report, when he took the Ten-Item Personality Inventory, TIPI (Gosling, Rentfrow, &Swann, 2003). I didn’t tell him any information about the test except how to take it. When he was done I started looking over the results, and of course i started to disagree with him, which is very much apart of my personality. Below is two pictures displaying our
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