Adult Observation

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After an individual goes through all the changes of growing up they start to reach middle adulthood. In middle adulthood humans continue to make changes. However, these changes are different from any of the changes that an individual has been through before. Through observation, a lot can be earned about an individual on many different levels. The observer is able to analyze the individual on a biological, cognitive, and psychosocial point of views. This observation took place at the local electronic store. In this store there are different stations set up throughout the store where you can try out different video games before you purchase them. The man in this observation was in his fifties. The man was playing the video game…show more content…
It is normal for someone in middle adulthood to be able to use is brain to understand things at a fast pace. When it came to the man remembering what color key was in what place on the guitar the man begin to have some problems. This is also normal for someone in middle adulthood. During middle adulthood an individual may begin to experience some memory loss (Berk, 2010). On a psychosocial perspective, there is not much to say about the observation at the electronic store of the man playing a video game. One aspect that could be related to psychosocial would be that during middle adulthood an individual uses leisure time creatively. The man in this observation appeared to be using his free time in a creative way by doing something that was fun and not working (Kail, 2004). In conclusion, the observation has shed light on many different perspectives. It appears that on a physical level the man in the observation is where he should be at his stage in life. On a cognitive level the man in the observation appears to be developmentally correct for his age when it comes to his ability to think and his lack of ability to remember. On a psychosocial perspective, the man appeared to use his free time in a creative manner, which is appropriate for his age. Works Cited Berk, L. E. (2010). Development Through the Lifespan, Fifth Edition. Person Education. Kail, R. &. (2004). Human development: A life-span view (3rd ed.). Belmont, CA:
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