Advanced Accounting Theory Project Essay

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Do corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports provide shareholders and stakeholders with useful information on corporate social and environmental performance or are they merely a public relations vehicle? Answer this question by reference to a variety of accounting theories. There are many definitions to Corporate Social responsibility(CSR). One most common definition is that CSR is the consideration and response of the firm to issues that are beyond the regular technical, legal, and environmental requirements of the firm. From this definition we can observe that CSR is voluntary and includes social and environmental information. As for the CSR reports their job is to explain and discuss the CSR of a particular firm by publishing …show more content…

Kazuo first year as President and CEO was from 2012 till March 31, 2013. This year was a year of changes that boosted a positive momentum through the Sony group. Kazuo stated that he went to 16 countries that had a total of 45 different Sony Group sites. He explained that this journey made him interact with the local management of each country as well as a large number of the company’s employees. Also he had a chance to sit down with the suppliers, retail partners, and also customers. This interaction made Kazuo have a greater insight and future look on the impact of the company’s initiatives that were been currently undertaken and also the main issues that were still not getting addressed properly. This boosted Kazuo belief in the company that it can transform its business and position for future growth and the main idea it to keep that momentum going by working as one big Sony family. So with this swift decision making, increasing in the commitment and passion of employees and the support of stakeholders the company resulted in a big increase of improving operating results and realize full year profitability that was achieved for the first time in 5 years. As for Legitimacy theory it explains that in order to a firm to secure its existence it must follow to operate within the society’s norms and values. A social contract must be perceived between the firm and its society in

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