Advanced Persistent Threat At Sony Picture Entertainment ( Spe ) Breach Essay

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Introduction According to lecture note and presentation from Dr. Tamir Bechor on October 21, 2016, “advanced persistent threat: (i) pursues its objectives repeatedly over an extended period of time; (ii) adapts to defenders’ efforts to resist it; and (iii) is determined to maintain the level of interaction needed to execute its objectives.” (Bechor, 2016) These objectives include building and strengthening its harmful system within an organization infrastructure in order to disrupt activities, obstruct normal operations, and extract sensitive information. Hence, this paper will clarify how advanced persistent threats (APTs) were achieved in the Sony Picture Entertainment (SPE) breach. In addition, examine the characteristics of the SPE threat level and adversary level relating to the threat actors’ capabilities, intent, and targets. Moreover, review why SPE previous security vulnerabilities and weaknesses or significant investments didn’t benefit to detect or prevent this breach. (Bechor, 2016)
Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) One attribute of APT refers to the continuous attacks from threat actors to penetrate SPE infrastructure. Although the attack on Sony Corporation in 2011 to its network might not have been related to this incident in 2014, it has been proven “the hackers behind the SPE attack exploited a previously undisclosed or unknown [Zero-Day] vulnerability in its computer systems that gave them unlimited access to the entirety of SPE’s network.” (Bechor,

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