Advanced Practice Conceptual Model Paper

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Advanced Practice Conceptual Model Paper Statement of Intention I decided to further my nursing career by going back to school to obtain a graduate degree in Family Nurse Practitioner. For me, it was a logical choice, as I love to help my patients to the most of my ability but at the same time I felt limited by my current scope of practice. A degree in FNP will enable and equip me with the knowledge and skills to care for a wide range of patient population. It will also place me in a position of leadership to bring about much needed changes and advocacy in patient care and also for nursing as a profession. The Advanced Role Development Course has exposed me to the nature of the other APRN roles and various conceptual models that has …show more content…

I see this as a concern due to these following reasons: not all RN 's in the ED has a background in ICU or any acute care setting prior to getting hired there, the ED is not stocked with necessary supplies for an ICU patient, necessary monitoring equipment is also lacking, we do not have a Respiratory Therapist assigned to us, most of the Physicians in the ED have little or no background in Emergency Medicine as they previously worked in a Primary Provider role. I feel that these conditions are unsafe and warrant a re-evaluation of the nursing staffing for this population as nurses are being assigned to ICU patients but may not necessarily have the experience or skill to properly care for that specific case or situation. I bring this concern up because I realize that it is the nurses in the ED that have to care for the ICU patients and be potentially faced with an unsafe patient assignments, workloads or ratios. I know that I am not the only who feels this way because I am aware of a few nurses who has already filed grievance forms and has contacted the nursing union about this unsafe practices. Conceptual Model The conceptual model that I believe can assist in the resolution of this issue of assigning nurses to ICU patients in the duration of their stay in the ED is The American Association of Critical Care Nurse’s Synergy

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