Advancements In Medieval Warfare In The Middle Ages

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Medieval Warfare is warfare in the middle ages or the time period before the 18th century. (McDonald, 2010). Advancements in weapons caused for more gruesome and bloody war. The use of swords, spears, axes, and arrows caused for many fierce and bloody battles. Advancements in intelligence made for better tactics, strategies, travel and more importantly, more victories. The two types of warfare in medieval times were either a battle that was head to head, or, one of the scariest kinds, which has taken the lives of many and destroyed kingdoms (McDonald,2010). The most effective and deadly advancements were the ways of punishment for those who were caught or those who surrendered, whether it be imprisonment and torture, or immediate execution. Being a prisoner of war was not the spot any soldier wanted to be in. Medieval wars were very dangerous wars because there were not many of advancements in health back then, so fatal wounds meant certain death most of the time(McDonald, 2010) There are many ways that kingdoms defended themselves with things like moats, bridges, walls (Morris & Exploring-Castles, n.d.). Luckily for the attackers, there are ways to get pass defences, such as battering rams for heavy doors. Also, mining was used to go under a defensive wall. If people thought that chemical warfare was a new thing, then those people were wrong. In medieval times, if a castle had wooden structures, then that castle was in grave danger of having it set on fire.

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