Advancements Of The Flying Store

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From microwaves to email systems, innovations have been made to aid people’s daily life, and new ones are being produced at all times. Furthermore, there is an idea called “The Flying Store” which has great potential to make it into one of the greatest inventions of all time. The flying store is a drone that will fly around the city/town to not only advertise products and services, but give customers access to purchase items and browse through them using a mobile device. Its objectives are to promote products & services and provide convenience to customers. It fills the GAP of people that have hectic, busy schedules while filling the void of retail marketing and online shopping. Additionally, online shopping statistics have shown positive potential of the Flying Store and how it can overcome the alternate methods of shopping. Already, people have been showing interest to this topic and gave signs that the society is ready to utilise the technology/concept of “The Flying Store”. This concept is formed in many specific features that results in time efficiency and productivity.

The Flying Store includes physical and virtual materials that makes it a piece of modern/future technology. There is the drone which will be the main function of how the flying store will get to its destination and maneuver its way; it provides the mobility and speed that the Flying Store needs. This feature will require a worker manually controlling its movement with a navigational system that

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