Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of Alothaim

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SWOT Analysis

• Internal analysis ( strengths and weaknesses):


In 2011 AlOthaim market started a new department named electronics which highly increased the profit of the market and the growth rate reached 180% compared with 2010. Furthermore, costumers need have been covered and satisfied after launching the non-food section, which include toys, clothes, luggage and kitchenware. Along with pleasing costumers need and give them variety of options they started importing merchandise from U.A.E, Egypt, Brazil etc. Nowadays, internet has a huge impact on the market, which means that people prefer to use it to cover some of their needs. Thus, AlOthaim markets produced a website and an app to make it easier for costumers to purchase …show more content…

• Providing a self-check-out machine to save the customer’s time. Also, these machines will reduce the expenses that will be paid for the labours.
• Evaluate the pricing. The price in the market should be competitive with other prices in other markets, so the demand of our market will increase.


After looking at Alothaim’s history , background , and strategies , that helped to conduct a SWOT analysis to state some recommendations in order to improve Alothaim’s ways of operating and try to be a step before their competitors in the market.
We found out that:
• There are some new additional techniques and ways that can be stated as strengths which can be used to attract customers .

• Paying high taxes and the future market size can be classified as weaknesses which can affect Alothaim in a negative way.

• Being social responsible and encouraging small local firms to produce by buying some goods from them would be opportunities which can represent Alothaim in a good way in front of the society and the government.

• Not having a self check-out cashiers , and not having healthy section , would be threats which can lose customers and they’ll look for substitute

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