Advances in Artifical Intelligence

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Tyler Pell
Ms. Long
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Artificial Intelligence – Research Paper Over the year the work field has changed in many ways. With emerging technologies it is hard not to see the incorporation of electronics into everyday business functions. We all use calculators, computers, cell phones, email, text, and tablets to assist us with everyday business task. With technology evolving at an exponential rate the question is “how far do we go?” We have all heard the saying “work smarter not harder.” Many companies have taken this to the extreme by making systems that can work without input from a person. They have come to call these systems artificial intelligence. With these new systems we are now able to complete task without a person on the job. So now we need to ask ourselves, “are we ready to trust computers to do our work for us?” Artificial intelligence is commonly defined as the “science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.” (McCarthy np). Artificial intelligence research began during WWII by John McCarthy. It was in 1956 that McCarthy actually organized a conference to discuss the idea of AI system. (“The History of Artificial Intelligence” np). Alan Turing was also another significant contributor to the AI field. He developed what we now know as the Turing Test. It was essentially a test to determine if a system was classified as a true AI. This is where we began to see these systems entering the work field.
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