CMGT556 Week 1 Individual Assigment Essay

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Artificial Intelligence
Vita Olmsted
CMGT/556 - Enterprise Models
June 24, 2014
Jeffrey McDonough
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer science, which concentrates on the intelligence of machines, and involves applying the principles of reasoning, knowledge planning, learning, communication, perception, and controlling objects to emulate the human brain. The most recognizable AI application is robotics from Hollywood cinema, and includes films such as; I Robot, Transformers, Wall-e, WarGames, A.I., The Terminator, Robocop, Iron Man, and Star Wars to name a few, which is fictional not an actual representation of AI. Robotics applications is only one of three aspects of AI, which also includes
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Examples include;
Equipment Calibration
Help Desk Operations
Software Debugging
Medical Diagnosis
Design/Configuration - Systems that use existing constraints to help configure equipment components (Murugavel, 2014). Examples include;
Computer Option Installation
Communication Networks
Selection/Classification - Systems that help users select options from large or complex sets of alternative (Murugavel, 2014). Examples include;
Material Selection
Delinquent Account Identification
Information Classification
Suspect Identification
Process Monitoring/Control - Systems that monitors and controls processes or procedures (Murugavel, 2014). Examples include;
Machine Control
Inventory Control
Production Monitoring
Chemical Testing
Neural Networks
Neural networks emulate the human brain’s neurons, which is a mesh-like network of interconnected processing components. This allows the system to process numerous pieces of information at the same time, and can learn to understand patterns within the processes, which it can use to solve related problems on its own. Examples include;
Military Weapons Systems
Voice Recognition
Check Signature Verification
Manufacturing Quality Control
Image Processing
Credit Risk Assessment
Investment Forecasting
Data Mining