Advances in IT Topics

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Advances in IT Topics In recent years, Information Technology has had advances in big data storage and health information systems. Big data companies are developing products for storage capacity and support services growth, with many leveraging local-file based storage with object-based cloud storage (Coughlin, 2012). And, initiatives in advances for personalized medicine include technologies that link informatics with genotype and phenotype data to produce custom built solutions to illness (Welch, 2009). Improvements brought by big data include creating more transparency among stakeholders by making big data more accessible (Manyika, 2011). Having access to and being able to manipulate data sets enables a different way of decision making to bring more science into management. Companies can segment and analyze data in near real time. The analysis improves decision making, minimizes risks, and uncover more insights to enable new innovation. According to (Manyika, 2011), there was questions as to how corporate marketing functions would need to evolve and how business processes could change. There was the question of how companies would leverage assets, particularly data assets, to create more value. There was also a question of how big data might interrupt business models. Cloud computing moves applications and databases to warehouses and poses new security challenges, which have not been well understood and many research problems are not yet identified (Wang, 2009).

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