Collaborative Big Data Analytics And Visualization

2754 Words Mar 10th, 2015 12 Pages

Abdulazeez Adejumo
Department of Computer Systems Technology
North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University MARCH 2015 Abstract
This paper discusses collaboration using big data analytics and visualization. It tries to bring to fore the advantages of collaborative analysis using visualization tools. How information visualization can enhance effective collaborative decision making process. It reviewed applicable and related literatures and it put forward propositions about definition of key terms, their relationships and applications.
It hashed out the relationship between understanding big data through collaboration and understanding collaboration through big data (Anya et al., 2014). These are two different concepts but they achieve the same goal. The paper concluded by stating the goals of collaboration and the challenges currently facing big data collaborative analysis using visualization tools.
In this age of big data, new challenges have come up with corresponding opportunities in the analysis of the data. A major problem in big data is its high dimension. Hence, before any modelling or analysis can be carried out, it is important to reduce the dimensionality of the original data (Frankel & Reid, 2008). As data is becoming increasingly abundant, the efficient use of the data is becoming a big issue. Our capacity and competence to…
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