Collaborative Big Data Analytics And Visualization

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Abdulazeez Adejumo
Department of Computer Systems Technology
North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University MARCH 2015 Abstract
This paper discusses collaboration using big data analytics and visualization. It tries to bring to fore the advantages of collaborative analysis using visualization tools. How information visualization can enhance effective collaborative decision making process. It reviewed applicable and related literatures and it put forward propositions about definition of key terms, their relationships and applications.
It hashed out the relationship between understanding big data through …show more content…

Now that we have figured out how to harvest the free and ubiquitous big data, the next huge challenge is to figure out how to analyze and display the information in a useful and meaningful way. The big question today is how you present big data in a way that human beings can quickly understand and make decision. Most big corporations and government entities are drowning in a pool of their own data, because they lack the corresponding manpower to understand the data and extract meaningful knowledge out of it (Bizer, Boncz, Brodie, & Erling, 2012).
This paper focuses on reviewing the accessible literatures on big data analytics and big data visualization in a collaborative environment. Consequently, methodologies and technologies used in these fields are described. The challenges facing collaborative visualization was highlighted but they were not discussed in details.
The literatures reviewed were selected among the enormous papers out there based on their uniqueness in the way this topic was treated with focus on the purpose of my research. The year of publication of these articles range from 2010 to 2014. This is because collaborative visualization of big data gained its prominence during these years.
Therefore, the consecutive sections discussed the definition of big data, tools for analyzing big data, data mining, knowledge discovery, visualization and collaborative

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