Advantage And Disadvantage Of Advertising

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What is advertisement?
Advertisement (ad) is an efficient & effective technique to promote products, services, and/ or ideas. It is a paid form of non-personal communication wherein business information is made available for potential customers.
Advertisement is derived from the Latin word “Adventure” which means “to turn the minds of … towards…” Advertisement promotes selling of products, services, and ideas to a great extent. The most interesting part of an advertisement is that it carries factual information with fascinating emotional appeal. Hence, without a proper advertisement no business can prosper in today’s world.
Types of advertisement
In print types of advertising there are many sub categories like:
1. Periodical advertising: It is the type of advertisement …show more content…

Outdoor advertising: Any type of advertising that reaches the consumer when he/she is outside of the home like billboards, fly posters, bus shelter posters.
This project is aimed to develop web application for all kinds of advertisements listed above. This system can be used by the clients who want to advertise about their product or other commodity. This website reduces manual work of the client and makes agencies work minimal.
1.1 Problem Summary: -
In traditional approach the user/ client who want to advertise something has to go to different agencies to get the work done. Suppose you are the client band want to advertise your product in the newspaper and radio then you will have to contact their agencies by going to their address, then you will have to wait in a queue for the same. In addition, you will have just a rough estimate about the price of the advertisement.
You will have to visit their agencies many times if you want to extend the date or book same ad for another time which increases physical labour.
Clients have to go to different agencies for different mediums like to different newspaper agencies and different radio agencies. To release the same ad this makes it a tiresome

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