Victorian and Edwardian Advertising

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Advertising is a form of marketing communication used to persuade the audiences to buy a particular products or services. It was first started in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome with the method of advertising on papyrus and rock painting. Later in 18th century, Victorian and Edwardian Britain left a big impact on the advertising industry, in where the advertising developed and increased dramatically ever since. The Victorian and Edwardian Britain reflected the social and economic changes in that era in term of the advertising method, the types of products advertised and the expansion of the advertising industry.

Historical background of Victorian and Edwardian Britain
The Victorian Era was the period of Queen Victorian’s reign in England from 1837 to 1901. England was claimed as the world’s most powerful nation during that era as the Industrial Revolution reached its climax in England. It brought changes to the nation such as the growth of population, improvement in transportation and developments in technologies. Accordingly, industrialisation brought a consumer boom which resulted in the increased competition between the marketplace sellers in England. With that, advertising industry had been expanded in Britain, which put them as a commercial center in the world. Heller and Chwast (1988, p.15) claim that Victorian style was actually the aesthetic response of a society to industrialisation. The rapid development of the nation was also associated with the Great Exhibition

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