Advantage Energy Technology ( Aet )

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Executive Summary Companies must ensure that they evolving, developing, growing, and innovating their standards to keep up with the demand the market prevails. Early preparations must be put into place to ensure that there is little to no disturbances with how work place operates in an emerging environment. Upgrading systems must be hassle free to better serve the growing clientele. Introduction Advantage Energy Technology (AET) is an IT service provider operating in the petroleum industry. The company needs to expand and relocate. This expenditure requires a new data center; located in the outskirts of Houston instead of being in the downtown area. The outskirts location has the majority of their clients. The upgrade to the existing…show more content…
The company will be obligated to invest in the new AET’s data center migration because the growth of this company is inevitable and this financial investment will be necessary down the line. Therefore investing in the migration now rather then later will be advantageous and innovated. Project Scope The major project deliverables are shown in the deliverables checklist Appendix A. The scope includes cost, timeline and proposed project team members. To measure the success of the deliverables will be if the migration of all the data is successfully all transferred to the new location, the renovation/install are finished in timely manor, the cost is within budget, we successfully complete the project within 6 month time frame. Project Team Brian Smith, senior project manager with the IT Department at AET will be managing the implementation of the upgrading and migrating of the existing systems and customers to the new data center within 6-month period. The project team will consist of three full time equivalents from the following departments who will be matrixed onto the project from other functional units as required. The departments are IT Department (Brian-PM head lead), Facilities, Operating Systems, Operations/Telecommunications, System & Application, and one half time project manager from Customer Service. The duties will be dispersed from the lead project manager (Brian) and those duties will be followed through team leads from the other

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