Project Management Plan

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POOH ENTERTAINMENT LTD ____________________________________________________________ __________________ Music club "White space" Project Management Plan ____________________________________________________________ __________________ Prepared By: Evdokiya Taleva Date of Publication: 03.12.2006 ____________________________________________________________ __________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS PROJECT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 PROJECT OVERVIEW 1 PROJECT OBJECTIVES 1 PROJECT SCOPE 2 IN SCOPE: 2 OUT OF SCOPE: 2 DELIVERABLES PRODUCED 2 ORGANIZATIONAL IMPACT 3 PROJECT ESTIMATED EFFORT / COST / DURATION 3 ESTIMATED COST: 3 ESTIMATED EFFORT HOURS: 3 ESTIMATED DURATION: 3 PROJECT ASSUMPTIONS 4 PROJECT…show more content…
* Issues related to the personal belongings of the guests (the club won't be responsible for them). Deliverables Produced In general there are four major steps that should be fulfilled in order the project to be completed successfully within the time schedule and the budget. Namely these are the planning of the whole process, the construction of the site, the hiring of the personnel, and the grand opening of the club. • Deliverable 1: Planning of the overall process: Before going any further the project team should come up with a detailed explanation and planning of all the processes related to the implementation of the project. There should be exact dates for the completion of each step, combined with a list the responsible people. Schedule for the deliveries and supplies should be created and a person should be appointed to look after the proper execution. The specialists responsible for the planning should report to the project manager two weeks before the beginning of the construction work. • Deliverable 2: Construction of the building: The construction of the main building should begin on June 1, 2007. The architect has already created the plan and the construction team has been appointed. The construction work is to be finished within 3 months (including lighting, cables, air -conditioning, water and electricity supplies). After the end of the construction work the company will employ a
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