Advantages And Differences Between SQL And Nosql

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SAP also known as systems applications and products in data processing is one of the better IT companies at the moment. It is a German software company which develops software for both small and large businesses to track customer and business interactions. Their largest software is ERP (Enterprise Planning Resource). The software was given the same name as the company name which can be slightly confusing at times. The company have offices in almost 130 countries and their software operates in 180 countries with 335,000 users spread across. As per task this research paper will challenge the comparison and contrast of NoSQL databases with relational database managing system which will be explained in greater detail further in the …show more content…

Lack ability to perform ACID transactions
Figure 2 Both databases have some advantages and disadvantages. As seen in “Figure 2” there are listed some limitations of both. Although the NoSQL database is not as well tested as SQL it will still keep growing as the technology advances so well and performance must be improved which NoSQL allows for. Below in “Figure 3” are listed some advantages of both databases.
Uses long established standards used by ASCI Easier to manage, files are more organised
SQL is a simple language which uses standard English keywords Higher level of flexibility
Easily maintained as all tools are provided unlike in NoSQL Open source meaning it is available to even the smallest company at a very low cost
It is not as fast as NoSQL although SQL has its own simplicity which organizations like. Detail database model is not needed therefore it increases efficiency due to time saving.
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