Advantages And Disadvantages Of Android

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An operating system is one of an important system that should have inside a computer. It contains instructions that coordinate all the activities among the computer hardware resources. Without an operating system, all of the computers cannot be used or started. The role of the operating system is to manage the software and hardware so that easy to control all of the activities depending on what the programs need (Curt Franklin, 2000).
Next, there are four basic functions of the operating system. Memory management takes part in main memory which is Random Acess Memory (RAM). It retains the space of the main memory and checks whether it is valid and legal for the memory space request. The memory manager also can track the usage of memory by sections.
Besides, processor management is also essential managers of the operating system. Basically, it tracks the processor status that takes part of allocating Central Processor Unit (CPU). The main responsibilities of processor manager managed by Job Scheduler and Processor Scheduler. The Job Scheduler handles the jobs as they enter the system while the Processor Scheduler manages each process within the jobs.
Furthermore, device management supervises all of the resources such as I\O (input and output)
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So, the best things about Android because it uses the open-source platform and easy to access the Google Applications. Then, everyone can afford an Android mobile phone because the price is not expensive. In contrast, Android has a low security and fakes app might be installed inside the mobile phone to take our information from unknown resources. It also has a complex layout and animations that hard to code into it. Moving on to iOS, it has an excellent User Interface (UI) and generates less heat than Android but if iPhone malfunction, the repair cost must be expensive. Last but not least, it's not flexible for others because it only supports iOS
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