Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Lawyer

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When people talk about lawyers, the very first time that will get into their minds is that lawyers are rich, because they often get paid with thousands and thousands of money on every case they handle. What people don’t really think about is how difficult being a lawyer is. Every single day is a struggle to keep up with deadlines and meetings, there will always be paperworks to get through, especially if they’re handling multiple cases. Being a lawyer can actually be a dangerous job, they could be killed regardless if they win a case or not, they could also get sick because of how much they’re working. Keep reading to find out how dangerous it is to be a lawyer.

“We often want to win even more than the client. We see the bigger picture, law, precedent, our reputation, plus all of the work that we put on our case because I think I’ve cared most of my cases far more than my clients care about their own cases.” Michael Halbfish …show more content…

However, what most people don’t think is that it is not always about using the brain. Just because lawyers don’t do physical labor doesn’t mean that they don’t get physically tired. They’re human beings as well, so their bodies get tired too. They may not be doing extreme physically labor, it doesn’t mean they don’t exert physical effort. Lawyers are known to always be sitting on their desks working on paperworks, that would mean, that they would most likely get tired of sitting for too long, with back pains, as well as looking at their computers for so long that would affect their eyes. Since they are always so busy, they obviously wouldn’t have so much time to work out every day and exercise is essential, they also sometimes don’t eat healthy meals on time because they would most likely be relying to

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