Advantages And Disadvantages Of Composites

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1 CHAPTER. 1 COMPOSITES 1.1 Introduction A "composite" is when two or more different materials are combined together to create a material which is superior and unique and holding different properties than earlier. Light weight high strength materials are essential in fabrication of aerospace structures like airframes, rocket motor casings, nozzles and wings. The composites are the materials formed by embedding fibers in the plastic that add characteristics like high resistance to fatigue, anticorrosive, high tensile strength or stiffness with weight savings up to 25-45% compare with conventional metallic designs. Composites possess greater reliability, which are capable to meet the design requirements, easier to achieve smooth aerodynamic profiles against drag reduction and high resistance to impact damage. The capacity to tailor the fundamental material properties of a cover has permitted new ways to deal with the plan of air flexible flight structures. The above preferences make an interpretation of into aero plane as well as into the rocket frameworks that can go with high speed under extreme warm condition amid reentry period of the rocket. Despite …show more content…

Epoxies are widely used in primary construction composite materials for high strength performance, adhesives, casting compounds, sealants, varnishes and paints as well as laminating resins. Epoxies generally have higher values of fracture toughness than polyesters and vinyl-esters which may result in superior fatigue performance of the laminates. There are two types of epoxies one with bisophenol-A and another is novolac type compositions are commercially available. These resin systems are curable both at room and high temperatures. Epoxies are most suitable to prepreging, filament winding and laminating

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