Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hikikomori

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In 2008, a 17 year old social recluse hijacked a bus and killed an innocent passenger. Another social withdrawal kidnapped a girl and held her captive in his bedroom for nine years. A fear of social recluse is dominating newspaper headlines. The way they communicate with the world is only to talk with online TV, the Internet or an anonymous people via SNS. As a result, a new concept of isolated human beings "Hikikomori" has emerged in our society. This social phenomenon is rapidly spreading in the global world.
Thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, information technologies such as smart devices and social media are expanding the communication methods. Humans are allowed to get more opportunities to interact with others even if they are physically far apart. However, despite the huge advantages of digital technology, it also causes serious …show more content…

While the 4th Industrial Revolution offers an avalanche of opportunities to associate with human network via huge advance of information technology, more people are isolating themselves. It leaded to negative view on Hikikomori or ‘the Single Life’. However, thanks to various media contents casting light on ‘the Single Life’, the stereotypes on Hikikomori or ‘the Single’ has been improved and they themselves could have better quality of life. Interview from Hikikomori proved the usage of information technology as tools to enjoy Hikikomori’s hobbies. One Japanese photographer took a picture of Hikikomori woman’s rooms which was packed with various characters and action figures. While interviewing her, she mentioned that she has been enjoying their hobbies by sharing their favorite characters and animation sites through online communities for Hikikomori. In fact, 89.2% of Hikikomori disclosed that they spend their pastime with the information technology such as social media or online website, the product of the Fourth Industrial

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