Advantages And Disadvantages Of Karst Areas

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Living in a Karst area has both advantages and disadvantages

Karstified areas are booming with wildflowers, insects, small mammals heathers and ferns and native trees, these areas are not only protected because of the phenomenal geological features but the ecological aspects as well and many Karst regions in Ireland like the Burren in Co. Clare and Cong Co. Mayo are considered to be areas of outstanding natural beauty as a result of such an extraordinary landscape which was formed.
“More than 700 different flowering plants and ferns have been recorded in the Burren. Thus, although the Burren represents only 1% of the land-mass of Ireland, 75% of the Irish native species are contained in the area.” (, n.d.)
Areas of outstanding natural beauty have the added benefit of attracting tourists who not only come to admire the almost alien landscape of karst limestone pavements but also come to engage in adventure …show more content…

The same stone and a similar building method was also used to build dwellings and churches, many of which are still in evidence today. Kast limestone was also used to build many ancient burial tombs and stone forts, a particularly good example of this is the Caherconnel stone fort which dates from medieval times and is located in the burren.
Archaeology; some of the most important archaeological discoveries have been made in karst areas around the globe, the reason for this being that the caves provide excellent protection for items of archaeological significance that may otherwise have been lost, tools, cave paintings and many other items of cultural importance.
Flooding is a problem in many karst areas due to the prevailance

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