Advantages And Disadvantages Of Product Management: Labelling And Packaging Process

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Step 4: Labelling and Packaging Process The fourth process is labelling process which is the mineral bottle will be label with respective brands. For example, mountain by F&N. After that, it will carry next process which is packaging. The finished product are then being packaged into carton boxes in this process. This lift machine will lift the bottled mineral water and put into the carton boxes. Each of the carton consist 24 x 600ml bottled mineral water. The machine will automatically sealed the carton boxes using cellophane tape.
Step 5: Warehousing
In the production process, the last stage is the warehousing process. The carton boxes which had filled with water bottle will store at warehouse. The forklift was used to moved the carton …show more content…

As indicated by Mr Kit Siang, many lowed –skilled workers are employed by the company for its production. The company utilized laborers from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia. These low-skilled workers do dull and routine undertakings. The company likewise utilizes local workers to do administration and authoritative undertakings.
Other than that, the product-oriented layout also permit Vitation Sdn Bhd to appreciate lower material-handling costs. This is contributed from the product-oriented layout whereby the stream of materials starting with one process then onto the next is exceptionally smooth and effective. According to diagram 4 displayed above, it shows that the materials are “pushed” starting with one process then onto next procedure along the generation forms.
Also, utilizing product-oriented layout can help Vitaton Sdn Bhd to reduce work-in-process inventories. By utilizing product-oriented layout, the bottled mineral water are changed from input (water, PET preforms and bottle cap) to output (completed packaged mineral water) all through the procedures thus lessening the need to stock up for work-in-process

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