Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology

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Imagine life without the daily use of technology. Would society be able to function without the unlimited resources in the palms of one`s hands? Since the 1860s, technology has evolved at such a rapid pace in order to keep up with the environment. New tools are constantly being added to benefit people`s lives. While embracing this new technology does have its disadvantages, utilizing what is available can result in many beneficial outcomes. The prevalence of technology can be very helpful in several different circumstances, including health, communication, and education which can all benefit from the advances of equipment in daily life.
Similar to technology, education is always evolving. New information is constantly being added into
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Often times, students feel embarrassed asking for help. Asking for help can kill their confidence and cause them to become less motivated to do well in school. This new method of teaching can benefit children who are more advanced than the average student or those who just need a little extra time on a certain topic without needing to ask for help. Also, the teacher can still monitor and be involved in the child`s education, but technology allows the students to grow and excel. The most common form of teaching has always been the structured lecture with activities to follow so that the students can understand what the teacher explained. Adding technology widens the possibly for activities and changes the dynamic of the classroom. One new style of teaching is referred to as the Blended Learning Method. In this style of class, half the students engage in workshops on the laptop and the other half spends individual time with the teacher. This method allows the students to receive both approaches and does not limit them to one form of learning style. Clearly, using technology in the classroom is a rising phenomenon that still has some kinks, but with time, new devices can change the way education functions for the better. Not only has
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