Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Academic Ranking

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The Academic ranking is one of the priorities in the society including the students, University, Higher education etc. However, there are some of the advantages and disadvantages using academic ranking. More importantly, it is still useful because using this can be our basis in applying college admission and the course we would like to take.

Since URAP is an academic performance based ranking, publication constitutes the basis of the ranking methodology. All the bio metric data used in the URAP ranking were gathered from the Incites database of private analytic (Corap, 2016). At any rate, all the academic ranking must have done the proper process for the judges to know that they are worthy of the ranking they are in. Moreover, the students who passed the criteria of being an honor student, a politician and so on are the one who followed the process properly.

Ranking Methodologies: Selection of Universities, Ranking criteria, and weights; a quality of education, quality of faculty, research output, a size of the institution (Cheng and Liu, 2005). Furthermore, when someone wants to include himself/herself be an honor student there are methods to be followed. On the contrary, there is a difference between methods from criteria. Criteria are somewhat to be judged or criticized while the method is …show more content…

For most institutions, it would be far better to focus on planning strategy that strengthens an institution's competitive position on a substantive basis: differentiation based on educational approach, student experience, innovative teaching, and the like. In short, for most, trying to game the ranking numbers is a fool's errand (Art & Science Group, 2013). Some western schools are focusing on how they can make their student be more competitive than collecting data to make based on a quality of the academic performance of a

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