Advantages Of Becoming A Police Officer

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Some people believe that becoming a police officer takes years of training. Well, that statement is incorrect. According to the CNN News (2016, [online]), many “[s]tates require more training to become a barber than a police officer.” For instance, in California, it takes 1528 hours to become a barber and only 664 hours to become a police officer (Yan, 2016). This news may be shocking, but it is true. However, it is not that easy in every state. Police Officer EDU stated that depending on that state; it can take up to six years to become a police officer, including education, application, the hiring process, the police academy, and probation (2017). On a police officer’s badge are two important words: protect and serve. Those are the qualities everyone expects from police officers. However, are they living up to their expectations? Is the training they receive teaching them the skills necessary to perform their job?
It’s on the news all the time, Leon Neyfakh has stated, “The Most Innocent Victim” (2017, [online]) and Scott Wise explained, “Man Killed outside 7-Eleven after a violent encounter with police” (2017, [online]). Following negative encounters with police officers, the common theme is how police officers need better training, or shouldn’t have guns on them if they are just going to shoot innocent people or use excessive force. However, if that is true, the first step would be to make sure that the training police officers receive teaches them what they need to

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