Advantages Of CSR Strategy

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One of MAB’s greatest competitive advantages is its CSR strategy. This can be explained and has been shownthrough existing literature. First, research shows that a CSR strategy is linked to improved image and reputation. It has also been shown that consumers are more likely to switch to products that are associated with a good cause. Furthermore, being a good corporate citizen encourages consumers to become brand ambassadors and engage in supportof the bsuiness, such as word-of-mouth marketing. Other advantages that MAB may gain from its CSR strategy include becoming an attractive workplace and investment as a result of strong stakeholder relationships. By implementing a CSR strategy, the company is protecting its reputation and building brand …show more content…

First, research will be accrued by reviewing past research on CSR and Business Ethics, including scholarly articles, journal articles and other findings. Second, company reports and websites from MAB will be used to conduct a case study on the organization’s CSR strategy, which will encourage an accurate understanding of the company’s approach to CSR and Business Ethics.

MAB focuses itsCSR and Ethical Business initiatives across seven areas in their value chain. The areas are Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Health and Safety, Business Ethics, Responsible Sourcing, and Community Engagement and the deeply emphasized Responsible Drinking.
MAB is continuously improving in regards to resource efficiency at production sites and general cost savings. The environmental area of the CSRstrategy consists of Energy and Emissions, Water, and Sustainable Packaging. The company has a water treatment plant on site as well as strong policies on waste management.

Responsible Sourcing
MAB has stringent process for contracting vendors. Prospects go through a vigorous background check procedure to ensure they are compliant with all laws and regulations as well as MAB business

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