Describe the Ethical Concerns Facing the Communities in Which the Business Operates

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Describe the ethical concerns facing the communities in which the business operates Explain ethical concerns facing the communities in which the business operates and suggest measures that could be taken to improve corporate social responsibility In this report I will investigate how shells oil pipeline is handled in the city Baraale, situated in Nigeria. The oil that passes through the community of Baraale and leaked on Forests and farms which evidently lead to a problematic situation facing the local community. I will talk further about ethical concerns that the community faces and how they can improve and recover. Communities will be affected by shell as this means that the local communities will be destroyed as the oil would be…show more content…
This will mean that they will be able to save carbon emotions and promote the idea of how important is it to be environmentally friendly and create awareness within people who are not already aware that they could be killing their planet. World trading organisation is when an international body tries to promote free trading by persuading countries to abolish something called taxes. The WHO wants to help people’s health and influence it in a positive way, for example by helping the environment of animals which will protect animals and protect them. Governing bodies ensure that animal rights are protected as they strongly oppose unethical behaviour as they aim to protect animals and the environment. Shell will need to improve in order to have social responsibly as they must fully train their employees by ensuring that a spill like this must not ever happen as this would benefit them because mistakes like that come down to workers not being trained well and have lack of knowledge or training so they must ensure they invest enough money for training. As this will help overall in things like economic growth and employees output, productivity and
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