Advantages Of Drone Survey

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1.0 INTRODUCTION:- What is drone survey?
Drone surveying is the operation of finding contour, dimension, position or other particulars of the earths surface by using remote controlled aircraft. A drone is basically an unmanned aircraft. It is also called an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or a flying robot. It can be remotely controlled or fly by itself through flight plans that are software-controlled. Such flight plans are in their embedded system that works with GPS. Drones are known to be used for military purposes, but they are also used in different activities like traffic monitoring, weather monitoring, surveillance, fire fighting, search and rescue, film-making, recreational activities, etc. It is also used in surveying, which we will …show more content…

6.Analysis/production of deliverables
Creation of break lines, reference points, digital elevation models, contour lines
Calculation & analysis of volumes and stockpiles
Export of output files (geoTIFF, obj, dxf, shape, LAS, KML tiles etc.) to third-party software as required.

4. Advantages of drone survey:-
• Drone can gather various type of data; for instance, photos, videos.
• The gathered information is instantly uploaded to a server.
• Once uploaded, the information can be accessed by any authorized individual where they are.
• Using drones are safer in particular situation.
• Very less time required.
• Man-power is negligible as compared to survey done by man.
• Cost saving and fast turnaround (Ability to survey 100ha in day).
• Improvement in safety.

5.Some various drones:-
5.1.DJI Phantom 4 Pro:
Cost = $1,600
Flight Time = 28 minutes
Coverage = 150 acres
Camera = 20MP Exmor R CMOS
Max Speed = 44 mph
Primary use: ameture videography & imagery

5.2. DJI Inspire 1:Cost =

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