Advantages Of Elite Interview Methods

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6.2.3. Elite interview method
Interviews with civil servants and civil society organisations were conducted in Sweden and Norway as the last stage of collecting data. The aim of interviewing these actors was to hear from experts what the main obstacles are that they face in integrating female refugees into the labour market. The elite interviews are rich sources of information. Nevertheless, conducting effective elite interviews poses set of challenges. For example, the elites are experts in selecting the appropriate narratives to tell. That means they would not reveal any issues that could harm their organisations. Therefore, the interviewer had to assess the credibility of the provided information. In this regard, it was considered that interviewees would not give false or misleading information. Rather, if they did not wish to answer a question, they could express that directly (Berry, J. M., 2002).
The elite interviews were conducted after carrying out the narrative interviews with female refugees. This technique provided the interviewer with as much information as possible about the topic and different actor’s roles. The aim of that was …show more content…

The handwritten notes led to losing some data regardless of the speed in writing the responses. Also, it was more difficult to make observational notes while taking notes. Nevertheless, to avoid missing data as much as possible, processing the data took place straight away after each interview while the received information was still fresh. Also, it was considered that it is time-consuming to transcribe all the tape-recorded interviews which were held for an average 40 minutes. A 40-minute interview took, on average four hours to transcribe. Furthermore, the interviews could have been weaker if they have been recorded because of the interviewee’s discretion and

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