Advantages Of Exploratory Testing

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Every tester whether consciously or unconsciously has done exploratory testing at some point in their career. Exploratory testing is about exploring the system and encouraging real-time and practical thinking of a tester.
In layman terms, exploratory testing involves concurrent test case design and test execution of Application or system under test. The tester will create or write down a test idea to give direction, and explore the system while testing to further create critical, practical and useful tests for the successful testing of the application. As we all know, a learner will learn better with hands-on experience rather than cramming the theory. Same way, a tester will know the application better while exploring and learning about all …show more content…

The fundamental strategy of exploratory testing is to a have a plan of attack. Start testing with your idea and improvise new test cases based on your knowledge and observation.
Exploratory Testing approach
Make use of heuristics to guide testing
Test cases execution and test case creation go hand in hand
Test cases keeps on evolving based on tester observation and learning
Different testing techniques like Boundary value analysis, equivalence testing etc. can be applied with ET
Session based ET can be used to make it more structured and focused.
Testers can branch out there ideas but never stray from your mission
ET testing do not use scripts, instead depends on tester intuition, skill and experience
Benefits of Exploratory Testing
Promote real time thinking and helps in uncovering more defects
Promote use cases and scenario based testing
Minimal documentation, maximum testing
Emphasis is more on learning and broadening the horizon of

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