Advantages Of Freight Forwarders

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INTRODUCTION A freight forwarder is a professional logistics provider. Freight forwarders are third parties and their objective is to dispatch shipments via asset based carriers such as ships, airplanes or trucks. The ability to arrange cargo movement from one destination to another within a short period of time makes a forwarder competent and however customer’s dependency remains constant on such forwarders. Freight forwarding companies have the expertise required to arrange all the activities related to the international shipping process. Shipping various products between countries and territories usually involves a multitude of carriers, requirements and legal documentation. The freight forwarding services is specialized in handling the …show more content…

Freight forwarding companies have an established long term relationship with carriers of all kinds and will obtain the best deals in the least amount of time. Freight forwarders face numerous challenges and this has consequently led in the failure of their operations and satisfying customers need. The occurrence of problems of freight forwarders in India is as a result of government regulations, liner companies, non-availability of trailers and trucks, bad roads, lack of straight or access routes, warehousing of goods …show more content…

It provides a better understanding about the functional level of each department. Each and every activity of the company is studied carefully with the available data to gain knowledge about the functions of different departments and their relationship with each and the company as a whole. 1.2 PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose of the study is to familiarize the organizational structure and functions of various departments of Kuehne Nagel Pvt. Ltd. It also provides a first hand experience on the business practices of the organization. The study is done based on the interaction with various executives in the organization in respective departments. 1.3 SIGNIFIANCE OF THE STUDY The study is mainly focused on the functions of each department of the organization. The scope of the study covers all the functional areas of each department of Kuehne Nagel Pvt. Ltd and the range of employee engagement. The study was useful in assessing the quality and performance of the company, this study might help the management to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the company and also emphasis on the need of improvement. 1.3 OBJECTIVES OF THE

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