Resource Constraints Essay

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iii. The Constraints
There is always a scarcity of resources such as man, money, machine, material, time, space and others. The availability and usage of these resources by various activities are represented as linear equalities and inequalities in terms of decision variables. An LP solution may be accepted provided these constraints are satisfied by it. Along with resource constraints, one more assumption that act as a constraint is known as “non- negativity” constraint or restriction. As per this constraint, the decision variables can take either zero or positive values.
2.1.2 Advantages of Linear Programming
Below mentioned are few advantages of linear programming method
• Linear programming method improves the quality of decision making …show more content…

Which of the following statement is incorrect about linear programming?
a. It is an optimisation technique
b. It is a resource allocation model
c. It consists of three elements such as objective function, constraints and restrictions
d. It shows the linear relationship in both objective function and constraints.

2. _________ is not the limitation of linear programming.
a. Linear relationship
b. Giving importance to uncertainty
c. Decision variables take only integer values.
d. Dealing with a single objective

3. One of the advantages of linear programming is _____
a. It improves qualitative decision making
b. Using linear programming, it is easy to solve real-life problems that involve a large number of variables and constraints without the use of computers.
c. Only one model of linear programming is enough to solve all the real-life problems
d. It helps in getting an optimal solution. 4. ______________ is not a characteristic of linear programming
a. Certainty
b. Linearity
c. Objectivity
d. Subjectivity
5. A linear programming can be applied if and only if the number of decision variables is _____
a. One
b. Two
c. At least one
d. At least two
6. Which of the following statement is( are) true about linear programming

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