Advantages Of Populism

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Populism comes from the Latin Word for ‘people', populus and it means caring about the concerns and supporting the rights of people. The word's meaning and usage have changed over the years. It has become an effective strategy for politicians to introduce themselves to the public and sometimes a way of deceiving them. It should be kept in mind that populism doesn't represent a certain ideology. Populism can seem as a beneficial strategy on short-term but it damages society's values and it can cause a clutter on the long term. Populist leaders can also become over authoritative. A great historical example for authoritarian populism is Julius Cesare. He used people against the Senate, broke the rules and he sought more and more power then he slowly became a cruel dictator. He was assassinated …show more content…

Populist politicians not only deceive people with their persuasive talks but they also make big promises. They denigrate or aggrandize a certain group of the society that represents an ideology, religion, race or sectarian which is mostly the one that is few in number in order to gain more sympathy and votes from the majority. With this in mind, populism is wrong because it divides the society and turns into a ‘us' versus ‘them' situation when a society should always be united. It makes the minority or the group feel like they are being isolated, left out of the society and every country's citizen should feel they belong to somewhere but populism damages this. They say they are on people's side but they forget that a country is a whole and excluding a group from it is a huge mistake. The good thing about populism is politicians mention more about current affairs, for instance, refugee crisis, immigrants, the rise in taxes and the national incomes. Populist politicians persuade people that they can solve these problems. However, their solutions are unrealistic and they claim without any

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