Advantages Of Task Shifting

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5.2 Opportunities of Task Shifting : Being a new type of strategy in business & service organizations, Task shifting has many opportunities. Using the observations and analysis of the basic model of task shifting, the some of the opportunities of this strategy are : (1) Better patient service using Acceptors : Since the scarcity of physicians (donors) is compensated by alternative acceptors through the survival strategy of task shifting, the best patient service can be provided by the health service organisation. (2) Use of existing alternative skilled Professionals through Training : The countries which have a number of alternative skilled professionals such as trained nurses, paramedical graduates, midwives, community health workers etc., …show more content…

In this discussion, it is found that the Task shifting strategy is a promising management and government strategy in healthcare industry sector to increase the productive efficiency of the delivery of quality healthcare services. By means of reviewing the papers published in the concept of Task shifting in the healthcare sectors in different countries between 2008 to 20017, and studying systematic review papers published during 2012 to 2017, we have analysed this strategy and concluded that it is acceptable and working alternative survival strategy in many countries. We have also discussed various alternatives in Task shifting, Basic model of Task shifting by taking all stakeholders into confidence, Skills Required for Task shifting, Possible Task shifting methods among different Professionals in Healthcare management, Possible Strategies in Task shifting, and Other alternative solutions to solve scarcity of medical professionals. The opportunities and challenges of this alternative survival strategy in development of new professional cadres or use of parallel cadres such as pharmacists, physiotherapists, Nursing professionals, or any other paramedical graduates that evolve with technology-specific and country-specific alternative human resources. Many suggestions are also given for effective implementation of Task shifting as a positive sum game in optimization of this strategic

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