Advantages Of The Integrated Physician Model

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The integrated physician model plays a key role in healthcare. This paper will explore what the integrated physician model is, as well as why clinical integration is important in the strategic planning process. Accountable care organizations will be assessed based on their dynamics and controversies. Finally, an in-depth look at one of the integrated physician models (the hospitalist model) will be assessed for its advantages and disadvantages. Over the course of a few years, hospitals and physicians will form a series of partnerships (Harrison, 2016). The series of partnerships is known as an integrated physician model. The integrated physician model is important in healthcare because it allows the organization that is following it to …show more content…

These accountable care organizations work to make sure the patient gets the correct care and help to avoid duplications in services and medical errors. Accountable care organizations can allow organizations to profit from the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Accountable care organizations serve as a type of encouragement for doctors, other healthcare workers, and hospitals to work together to provide the best care (Harrison, 2016). While there are several dynamics to accountable care organizations, there are also controversies. Accountable care organizations allow patients to see any Medicare provider that are in or out of the network, instead of requiring a particular set of providers (Harrison, 2016). Furthermore, patients become assigned to an organization due to where they received most of their primary care at. Providers may have to deal with added financial risks because of the patients being assigned based on most of their primary care. Depending on the accountable care organization, administrative costs have the potential to add millions to expenses. It is now time to look more closely at one of the models for hospital-physician’s integration, and discuss the advantages and disadvantages that go along for the hospitals and physicians. The hospitalist model involves a patient’s outpatient physician to transfer full responsibility of care to a dedicated inpatient physician if the patient is to be hospitalized, who would be responsible for inpatient care

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