Advantages Of Uber

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Poor government transport The most vital opportunity for Uber is the disappointment of the public towards the conventional taxicab services. In China and India, there is over populace and individuals that are getting tired on using the open government transport. However, as Uber helps give a sort of security and the people gets their own personal space to travel around and does not need to drive themselves. In the Asian urban communities, there are less people taking traditional transport administrations due to longer waiting time or higher costs compared to Uber’s services. This is the reason why people are choosing Uber over traditional transports. Uber can exploit huge and new markets that are currently unexploited, particularly in Asian countries, where taxi administrations are so inconvenient or costly for most of the people. Besides, Uber is exploiting suburban areas where there are no taxi administrations. The key for the future development of Uber is to fulfill the public requirement and expanding valuation.
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The Uber’s main user is the group of middle class salary people. With the extra income, middle class people have their ability to decide on their alternative transportation. Subsequently, this has made a big opportunity for Uber. It is the chance for people to make use of Uber’s services rather than taking public transport. This is because Uber is able to help them to save unnecessary time that will be wasted by using public transportation. Compared to taxi, they might be more willing to spend on Uber to travel, this is due to the dissatisfaction of people towards the unsystematic taxi cab pay rate. Hence, this is one of the principle explanations behind the choosing of people and also shows the opportunity for Uber.
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